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DeveloperProgress Sheet

What do you expect from a developer? 

My experience working with founders and managers has shown how much damage can make bad expectations.

I collected my own experience in a sheet really easy to understand that will help you evaluate your development team.

Create the right tech team

Wrong expectations don’t help

The dd Software is abstract, unless others business, which add an extra challenge: Ideas are not easy to communicate.

That can cause many issues on the teams: Bugs, time spend in features that are not needed, slow process, which ends in a great amount of money and energy wasted.

Is really important that you understand which level of developer you have or you need to hire, as different level of developers will need different ways to communicate, you can expect different results, and provide different challenges to keep the motivated.

This developer sheet will help you to understand much better and measure a developer skill and propose a learning progress which goes step by step.

What is this useful for?

💊  Make you reflex which level of developer do you need to hire.

💊  Evaluate your team and help the to improve, step by step.

💊  Understand what is common or not, what issues are general in other tech teams.

💊  Understand what is acceptable and is not according to your developer level.

💊  Set the right challenges to your developer according to their experience

How does it work?

We devided 15 different skills into 3 main categories: 
Performance, Managment and Attitude.

Each skill has 6 difference levels, divided by the developer years of experience as a reference.

You can start reading skill by skill from left to right and see where does your developer fit more.

Not always matches with the years of experiences but for sure is a step by step progression.

You can find out in which category your developer is stronger and in which is weak, being able to optimize the tasks with the strenghts of your team.

Sheet calculator

In the excel document there is a second sheet. In this sheet you can assign which level of each category your developer is on.

We use the fibonnaci seria from 0 1 3 5 8 and provide a quantitative subjective way to evaluate the level of your developer.

A developer can be really weak in general but super strong in an specific area, or being average good. 

We also generate a visual graphics for those who fancy them.