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Communication for Remote Teams

Communication is one of my problems when working in teams, especially when we are remote and building something abstract.

In my experience, the communication issues come from a lack of structure in the teams and wrong share of expectations from the different parts.

In this handbook you will find the tools to design your communication system and learn from the tecnics I use within my own teams.

IT team efficiency

Optimizing IT Team Management Through Organization

In order to keep control over your IT Team of developers you need organization.

Most companies expect developers to follow a specific rule, but there are many ways of doing things, and is hard to get control over it.

What is more, you can waste a lot of time redoing things or having people wasting their time in things that already exists or are not needed.

Routines give the team a clear guideline.

This is fundamental if we later want to create security or quality processes, make sure that our company product is being developed in the right way

What will you learn in this handbook

💊 What are communication routines and why can help your team.

💊 Understand the 6 questions applied to the communication rutines.

💊 Real examples based on my projects and specific technics

💊 Create your own rutine step by step – to get the knowhow feeling.

💊 A lot of examples of communication rutines ready to be applied.

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